Nokia Internet Radio

Nokia Internet Radio 1.2

A world of radio on your phone


  • Huge range of global radio stations
  • Works over WiFi
  • Well-organized category navigation
  • Search facility


  • Audio quality can vary


Nokia Internet Radio allows you to access hundreds of stations worldwide from your phone.

In my personal opinion, Internet radio is just about the best thing on the planet. It allows you to easily listen to music and talk shows from all corners of the globe. Now you don't even need a computer to enjoy Net radio thanks to Nokia Internet Radio.

The free app allows you to tap into internet radio using your phone's connection to stream the radio to your device. You can tweak the connection bittrate in order to optimize the quality of the audio output.

Considering it offers a gateway to so much content, Nokia Internet Radio is incredibly easy to use. It houses a Station Directory, which lets you browse stations by genre (e.g. Blues, Comedy, Dance, etc.). Alternatively, you can choose to view stations according to language or country, or only view the most popular ones. Nokia Internet Radio also has its own search engine that allows you to hunt for stations by entering keywords.

On the downside, the audio quality in Nokia Internet Radio can be a bit hit and miss, although this shouldn't necessarily be blamed on the program itself, because it's usually down to the quality of the stream or the connection you have.

Remember that Nokia Internet Radio will be constantly connected while you're using it, so be advised to use a WiFi connection if you don't have a flat-rate data plan.

The sheer range of stations and the simplicity in which they can be accessed makes Nokia Internet Radio an excellent application for audiophiles.

Nokia Internet Radio


Nokia Internet Radio 1.2

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    Just great for the e71x.
    Love it. It's been difficult to find for my cell, the e71x. It must have been available...   More